Giclée Fine Art Prints 

The process of creating archival art prints begins with the photography. By working with RAW files, using calibrated and profiled monitors and carefully processing each image, I can control not just the colour and contrast but I can bring out very subtle detail to get the very best out of each image created. Then I only use the very best archival materials to make the final print.

Handmade prints

To make your prints I use a wonderful range of Giclée Fine Art Papers. They range from textured watercolour papers with a wonderful handmade, soft painterly feel, with subtle, soft tones to silky smooth Baryta base papers with gorgeous deep blacks, excellent contrast and reproduction of detail, great for high contrast images and vivid colours. I will choose a paper from this beautiful range to suit the character of each individual image.  All prints are individually made to order using heavyweight archival art papers and archival inks.

How long will my print last?

These prints are archival, which means they will last for many years. The material's manufacturers claim that prints stored in a dark, cool place, in an archival box will last 200 years. But when considering the image stability of a photographic print it is the environment and the storage conditions of the print that primarily dictates its longevity. Paper is sensitive to its surroundings and can be affected by changes in temperature, humidity, exposure to bright light and contaminants in the air. So do not hang prints on damp walls or in direct sunlight.


Paper sizes and prices

  • A1 Fine Art Print (59.4 cm x 84cm)   £200
  • A2 Fine Art print (42cm x 59.4cm)    £100
  • A3 Fine Art Print (29.7cm x 42cm)      £80
  • A4 Fine Art Prints (21cm x 29.7cm)    £50

Postage and packing will be added at check out.


Please note that the image size will be smaller than the paper size so that the image will have a white border.  Bespoke print sizes can be printed for you - please email me the required size(s) for a price.

Art print


Please email me if you would like framing advice or if you would like me to arrange the framing for you.


Prints can be sent worldwide, smaller prints will be posted flat in stiff envelopes, larger prints will be rolled and packaged in wide diameter tubes.