Commission from the BCU Lifeguards

The British Canoe Union Lifeguards provide kayak support for swimming events such as triathlons and other open water swimming events. Hundreds of swimmers take part in these events and the kayak support teams must ensure their safety.

The BCU Lifeguards ran a training weekend for paddlers; they need to be able to quickly spot a swimmer that is in trouble and rescue that person. They also need be able to recognise when someone is struggling - long before they a serious condition develops, such as if they are too cold, showing signs of disorientation, cramp etc. and know how to help them.

I was commissioned to photograph the weekend's activities for the BCU Lifeguards to use in promotional material, instructional printed guides and create a visual record of the weekend. This included classroom, field work and on the water.
SATURDAY 17-9-16 National Canoe Lifeguarding WeekendSUNDAY 18-9-16 National Canoe Lifeguarding Weekend