The Thames - A Photographic Exploration from Source to Sea Through the Seasons by Kayak.

The aim of this one-year project is to create intimate images of the River Thames by being very close to the water, even getting in the water at times, to show how the river changes in character, growing as it flows 215 miles towards the sea and changing through the seasons.

In January I began the project by photographing the Source near Kemble in the Cotswolds, where the Thames is no more than a ditch and by December I will be photographing the wind farms and the Maunsell Sea Forts in the outer reaches of the Thames Estuary, where the river flows into the North Sea on the East coast. 

By working from a kayak, I will be able to get into otherwise inaccessible places, get close to wildlife and plants, photograph beneath bridges and tunnels, underwater where possible and meet the people who live, work and play on the Themes; learning about their relationship with the river.  Not all the photography will be taken from a kayak. For the first few miles, I wore wellies and a drysuit and waded into the water, sometimes lying in it.  Occasionally I will get out of the kayak because I can see that by photographing from a different perspective I can get a more interesting photograph. But the majority of images will be from the kayak because of the unique access it gives me. 

The inspiration for this project has come from having been paddling kayaks on the central London River Thames between Richmond and the Thames Barrier for over twenty years.


How to Follow the Progress of the project:



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Key to the Map

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Upon completion


While photographing the Thames from Source to Sea over the course of a year, I will also produce a number of complimentary smaller projects that cover specific themes relating to the Thames such as Abstracts, Water, Thames Litter, Watersports, Portraits and Architecture.

Archive, Book and Exhibition
By the end of this project, I will have a large archive of imagery recording the diversity of the River Thames as it makes its way from rural landscape, through London and eventually into the North Sea.  I plan to exhibit this work, produce a calendar, a book and a series of articles about the river and its people for magazine publication during the year.